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Moving from one duty station to another can take much more time than necessary. In general, in the case of a permanent change of post (PCS), the government hires a commercial contractor. The contractor will prepare and move the personal effects. The military moves goods free of charge. However, there is a certain weight limit. The weight limit varies depending on the status of the person and the person on whom the person is dependent. Moving DITY can be an interesting challenge.?

What is a Do It Yourself Move (DITY)?

Removals carried out by the soldiers themselves are planned within the framework of Do It Yourself Move, commonly known as DITY. The DITY is an alternative solution that allows military members to transport their personal belongings independently. A military member can then take charge of his or her own move. This can be done using:

  • Rental equipment
  • Their own vehicle
  • A commercial service provider

Under this initiative, soldiers and officers are eligible to receive full reimbursement for government construction costs (CCG). This is valid if they hire their own carrier. It is also possible to receive an allowance for moving costs such as:

  • Equipment hire
  • Moving costs
  • Packing material

Every situation is different. It is preferable that the CF member gets approval from the Base Personal Property Office before proceeding. If the Base Personal Property Office does not approve, the request for reimbursement or payment of the premium may be denied.

What are the Different Options for Military Station Relocation?

The DITY program offers the following relocation options:

  1. Privately owned vehicle (PVP): It is possible to use a private vehicle as a means of transport for your move. When this vehicle is a caravan or motorhome, contact the Personal Property Shipping Office for specific instructions.
  2. Rental Vehicle: Renting a vehicle involves procuring the necessary equipment and tools yourself. The owner of a rental vehicle must do all the work on his or her own. But the choice of the company providing the vehicle should not be made by chance.
  3. Commercial: Instead of using rental companies, it is possible to use commercial carriers. This type of removal is permitted by public law and will be calculated on the same basis as the previous options.?Best In Broward Movers?assists the militants in this complex operation.

What are the DITY Conditions?

Certified empty and full weight tickets are required for all options. Thus, make sure to have your vehicle weight checked at a certified station. The trailer and towing vehicle must be weighed as a complete unit. They must be presented simultaneously and at one time. Axle loads are permissible. Pay attention to have:

  • Special notes or official stamps
  • Signature and title of the official certifying the weight gain
  • A clear and legible printout of the weight recorded and the corresponding date
  • Name, rank and social security number of the soldier in question
  • Identification of the weighted vehicle

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